Cash Registers


Designed for light to medium duty retail outlets, this is the ideal solution for the small retail business requiring a product that’s easy to use and economical to own. The MA198 is a single station thermal printing electronic cash register with 8 departments (or 16 by shift) and 200 PLUs.

It has most of the usual functions, an 8-coin / 4-note cash drawer, and can produce a tax invoice with a 4 line receipt header message, alpha descriptions for products and the GST amount.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Single Station Thermal Alpha Printer
  • Customer Display
  • 8 Departments (16 by shift)
  • 200 PLUs
  • Range of ECR functions
  • Tax Invoice Format Receipts
  • Electronic Journal 3000 lines
  • 8 Coin / 4 Note Cash Drawer
  • Simple Programming Method


The versatile, compact and stylish MA-600 offers all the features and functions of a high range Electronic Cash Register specially designed for small-scale general retail and hospitality environments.

Thanks to its’ interactive LCD display and easy-to-use “drop in” clam shell thermal receipt and journal printers, the MA600 is a flexible low-cost choice for any business. The MA600 is a standalone machine but can communicate with a PC (via the optional USB port) so it can be integrated.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Unique “centre console” screen display design, black cabinet
  • Dual station thermal alpha printer with “drop-in” paper load
  • 4 line LCD alpha display with additional 3 colour numeric display
  • Menu driven programming with prompting
  • 40 departments, 1000 PLUs
  • USB PC comms with free programming software
  • RS232 slip printer interface
  • PK-2 additional keyboard interface
  • 8-coin 4-note cash drawer
  • Simple programming method


This is a LAN Network electronic cash register with an “All-In-One” concept and multiple features and benefits for the users. It is a total solution that offers expandability and flexibility, with a reasonable investment.

Key Features & Benefits Include

  • Front Display
  • 16 digits Dot-Matrix
  • 10 digits 7 Segment
  • Scrolling Message up to 64 Characters
  • Customer Display
  • 10 digit 7 Segment
  • User Friendly Keyboard
  • 90 key Raised Keyboard
  • 120 key Full Flat Keyboard
  • PK-2 is Available
  • Each Key-Status Setting
  • Cashier Control
  • Cashier Name up to 12 Characters
  • Flexible Cashier Number Entry
  • Code Sign On/Off : 15/99 Cashiers
  • SFKC Cashier: 8 Keys
  • Cashier Interrupt (Up to 10)
  • Training Mode
  • Each Cashier Assignment to Each Drawer
  • Money Declaration
  • Full Accountability Report
  • Floating Cashier
  • All Void Functionality
  • Special Rounding
  • 4 VAT and VAT Print Key
  • 5 Currency Key for Tender and No Sale
  • Triple Multiplication for Item Entry
  • High Quality & Silent Thermal Printer
  • 58mm Paper Width
  • Silent Thermal (Receipt / Journal)
  • Journal Condense Print Option
  • Clam Shell for Easy Paper Setting
  • 20 Line/Sec. Print Speed
  • Automatic Receipt Cut
  • 32 Characters Alphanumeric Print
  • Graphic Logo Print Function
  • Up to 4 Lines of Programmable Store Message
  • Scanning Functionality
  • Source Code and In-Store Code
  • Price Read Key
  • Urgent PLU Maintenance
  • Scale Status for Department and PLU
  • Tare Table Programming
  • Manual Scale Entry
  • 10 Auto Function Key
  • 2% Discount
  • 2 Selective Itemizers
  • Other Income Department
  • Sales % of Department
  • Salespersons Change During a Transaction
  • Check Track Code
  • Media Pick-up Warning
  • Drawer Open Warning Time Setting
  • Store ID Setting for Barcode
  • Stock Read Function
  • Coupon Entry

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