SwiftPOS Touch Point of Sale

SwiftPOS Touch Point of Sale Software is the latest development from Samford Software to cover expanding markets in the hospitality, retail, multi-venue and franchise markets. This powerful POS software fully integrates with SwiftPOS Back Office or Task-Manager POS Management Software, creating a total point-of-sale solution for large and small venues.

Promotional Features:

  • Unlimited Mix’n’Match Promotions.
  • Buy one, get one free or discounted (cheaper of the two).
  • Integrated Customer advertising screens with built in FLASH designer.
  • Voucher Printing based on sales value of selected product families (ie. spend over $100 on premium products in this range and automatically print a voucher).
  • Price Negotiation where you can pop up an advanced calculator on screen to negotiate a price based on cost, or the selling price +/- a percentage.

General Features:

  • Unlimited keypad levels with choice of keypad layouts to suit different customer’s requirements.
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all major banks in Aust/NZ.
  • Display/print up to 30 character product descriptions.
  • Staff training mode.
  • Up to 4 cash drawers per POS with individual cash balancing.
  • Fast payment methods for $10/$20/$50 tendered amounts.
  • Multiple payment methods including vouchers, paid outs and EFTPOS cash outs with split tendering over any number of media.
  • Fast searching by description, bar code or PLU.
  • Unlimited shift levels to sell a product in many different sizes.(single, 6pk, carton etc).
  • Discounts by $ or % maintaining a minimum margin.
  • Hold and resume any number of concurrent sales transactions.
  • Reprint previous receipts.
  • Up to 10 price levels per PLU.
  • Unlimited bar codes per product.
  • Links to scales and sell pre-packed items by weight.
  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server for robust POS operation.
  • Independent operation at the POS with no central point of failure.
  • POS can run locally or over the Internet with no difference in performance.
  • Drag and Drop keypad designer for fast, efficient management.
  • Change prices in the back office from the POS for quick price corrections (password controlled).
  • Manual text entry with pop up keypad available for selected products that are recorded with the sale.(String PLU’s).
  • Read and reset at the end of each shift sales summary reports for cash balancing.
  • Print on thermal and impact receipt printers.
  • Up to 4 separate tax rates can be applied to every product including tax free price levels.
  • Updates can be requested from the POS as well as automatically sent from the Back Office Software.

SwiftPOS Back Office

SwiftPOS Back Office Management software is designed to manage single or multiple venues. Using broadband networks you can centralise your data management systems with secure remote access to selected information via Web Reports or on-line access to the head office database.

The SwiftPOS software modules manage the back office functions and link the point of sale terminals to create a total POS solution. The software provides comprehensive management of inventory, clerks, accounts, membership, loyalty and financial control of the venue. When integrated with security cameras, it can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand – you know your exact inventory-on-hand is, up until the last sale, with the real time processing of sales transactions.

The software offers maximum reliability and performance, and there’s no limit to the amount of data that can be stored in the database for future analysis. You can then access that data via the internet or a private network just as quickly as if you were in the same office as the main server.

Using the features available in the SwiftPOS accounts, membership and loyalty software fully integrated with the POS Terminals, there is no double handling of transactions - account balances and customer loyalty points are available across all venues. Loyalty programs can be managed with minimum effort, to return excellent results.

Key Benefits

  • Designed to manage multiple venues connected via the internet or a Virtual Private Network.
  • Multiple price levels available over multiple venues with easy price management.
  • Real time updating of all sales reports for instant business analysis.
  • User names and passwords to secure access to location specific sensitive information.
  • Change prices and update all POS Terminals automatically within a few seconds.
  • Tree view style menu with quick access to data entry and reports you use.
  • Quick and easy data entry.
  • Continual innovation of new features for the ever changing market.
  • Quality reference manual and on-line help.
  • Print all reports to disk in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat or XML format.
  • Create custom reports in Microsoft Report Writer.
  • Weekly specials with automatic price changes.
  • Happy Hour pricing options.
  • Price label designer and retail price management.
  • Hourly sales with average sale per customer and customer count report to assist with staffing levels in different locations.
  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft.
  • Run debit/credit accounts with credit limits at POS over many venues.
  • Run real-time global loyalty with redemption limits at the POS over many venues using NetPOS.

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