Geovision Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Traditional surveillance systems were analogue - essentially closed circuit TV networks – which were expensive and inflexible. Video was often recorded on tapes which led to unmanageable tape libraries and storage space nightmares.

In recent years the trend has changed to digitization, and Digital Video Recording undoubtedly plays a major role in today's surveillance systems. The future of DVR products, combined with Internet and mobile communication, will have a major impact on future development of the security industry.

Why Choose Geovision GV Series System?

Stability: Lab testing by engineers ensures stability, and GeoVision’s digital surveillance systems have been installed in locations where a high level of security is mandatory.

Cost Effective: The most competitive pricing in the market ensures there is a solution to suit any budget.
Wide Range Selection: Models range from home user to professional so there is a model to suit all needs.

GV Software Offers Extensive Features Including:

Authentication Server: set up passwords for several DVRs from a single PC.

Enhanced network security: RSA Encryption can be applied to protect video data while sent over internet.

Remote Monitoring: Surveillance sites can be monitored through your Symbian and Microsoft Smartphone.

Easy Backup to DVD: Export video files to DVD and playback on your home DVD player. The advanced backup program allows you to backup video files directly to CD media.

Export AVI Footage with Multiple Cameras Images: Export video files from multiple cameras at once, and play back multiple cameras at once in Media Player.

Unattended Object Detection and Missing Object Detection: You can set the system so that when an object is left unattended for a set period of time at the surveillance scene, alerts are sent to proper authorities for prompt action. You can also set Missing Object Detection - when an object is missing from the surveillance scene for a set period of time, the system sends out alerts. 

Object Tracking and Zooming by PTZ Dome: Auto tracks and zooms in on an object until it leaves the surveillance scene. 
Backlight Compensation: You can apply backlight compensation in View Log to compensate dark images resulting from backlight.

Video Fully Synchronize with Audio: Enhanced video and audio in real-time synchronization quality, live and in-view log.
Windows Lockup: Secure your PC while away from workstation. You may lock up the Windows Desktop by launching a customized GV-Desktop, under which operators can run only GV-systems and the selected programs.

SMS Alerts: As well as e-mail and pager alerts, you can now send SMS via mobile when any of the following occurs: video lost, I/O Module lost, I/O triggered and connection lost, abnormal system operation, intruder, missing object, unattended object, POS loss prevention, and disk full.

Adding Cash Drawer Input Setting: You may link an input module to the cash drawer so whenever the cash drawer is opened, a signal will be sent to the main system and the transaction will be logged to the System Log for later retrieval.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration: Third party POS systems can now be integrated into the GeoVision digital surveillance system with the inclusion of some new features.

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